Our chapter has a group of dedicated volunteers doing conservation work. Below are some videos showing them in action. Take a moment to watch and thank the people who are dedicated to their work.

American Chestnut Tree Conservation

In 2011 Ron Kupiers was selected as one of six finalists for Field & Streams "Heroes of Conservation" award. This video is the introduction and is about 5 minutes long. Enjoy! Please note, you will be redirected to a different site to view the videos.

This video shows Ron in action. This video is about 5 minutes long. Enjoy. If you are interested in our Chestnut tree work, feel free to contact us about it.

Wood Duck Conservation

This short video was produced by Tony Ipina on the efforts of our chapter volunteer's work on wood duck nests. Volunteers repair and replace about 70 wood duck nesting boxes every winter so that the ducks may nest in them in the spring.