NRA Training

Volunteers at our chapter teach a full spectrum of NRA firearms courses.

Our Basic Pistol Class was developed by the National Rifle Association and is taught by NRA certified instructors. Click HERE for this year's class schedule.

This course is intended for adults (and youth accompanied by an adult) that are new to firearms. The course is a thorough introduction to basic firearms safety covering both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns. Course content includes a detailed discussion of the functional parts of a gun, ammunition, fundamentals of marksmanship, how to select, buy and safely store a pistol, proper cleaning techniques, pistol sports/activities, and legal responsibilities and restrictions relating to handgun ownership. The class also includes hands-on training on the pistol range. Over 700 people have taken this course at our chapter.

To register for this or other courses taught by our NRA Certified Instructor, go to the click NRA Instructor website and enter Zip Code 20874.